My aunt wants to claim me but will it affect my FAFSA assistance?

Answer Who claims you on their tax return has nothing whatsoever to do with Financial Aid. When completing your application, it will still ask for your parents' information, and providing anything other ... Read More »

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If the insurance policy lapses after a claim has been submitted for a minor accident will it affect the claim processing?

Answer The claims department will be concerned only with the status of the policy at the moment of the accident. Other than that, it will not come into play. Any delay would be very minor (as long ... Read More »

Your great aunt just passed January 7 do your siblings and you claim whatever was left for us?

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Can i claim myself an independant with fafsa before the age of twenty four if i served in the army?

This is exactly the criteria to determine if you can be classified as dependent based on this question. If you can answer YES, then you are independent.Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces? ... Read More »

Does my step-dad have to claim me on his taxes in order to use his income on the FAFSA?

You will be required to use your father's information on the FAFSA. If your mother was still living, you would use her information, along with her spouse (your step-father). However, since she is... Read More »