My arm really hurts please help?

Answer Mobilize the arm, give therapy for a week, if it troubles you see doctor, or if it hurts in chest go to ER.

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I neeed help, please it hurts really really bad!?

Please help this hurts really bad?

There's nothing you can do, we all went through that. Be pacient 2-3 more days. By the way,your mother is a door ?

Please help! My stomach hurts really bad!! ?

Take some pain medicine (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.)Put a heat pad on your stomach.Take a warm bath.Lay on your stomach and handle the pain.Lol, that's what I do:P

What Is Wrong With My Foot, It Hurts Really Bad PLEASE HELP!!?

The foot has many small bones and they can get fractured. I know this from experience. Foot fractures, no matter how small need to be taken care of! The foot is one of the most complicated places t... Read More »