My anus won't stop bleeding...what should I do?

Answer well its probably that the anus was stretched to far and let to a minor cut or wound. but it should be well in a couple of days. its just like taking a huge dump. or something like that. But to be ... Read More »

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At what point do you stop feeling sorry for the extremely bad chronic cough of a smoker who wont stop smoking?

i quit smoking two years ago...when i hear people hacking it disgusts me. when i see people chain smoking, it disgusts me. i'm such a hypocritical snob, but i can't help it!

I am constantly missing clothes and months later they show up in my little sister's room I am not sure how to confront her and tell her to stop taking them because I know if I address it she wont stop?

Be patient with your little sister. I take it you are the older sister, so did it ever occur to you that you are her mentor and she just wants to grow up and be like you. Just ignore the missing cl... Read More »

Name of Album of "Cant Stop.. Wont Stop" by Lindsay Lohan?

Why wont my period stop?

yes, go check it out- You could have gotten pregnant and spontaneously aborted the baby. This is very common. A woman can get pregnant, and lose the baby, but not all of it comes out. If there are ... Read More »