My anus itches/has slight pain?

Answer Anal itching, also known as itchy bottom, pruritus ani or anusitis, is irritation and sometimes inflammation of the anus - located at the exit of the rectum. Itching severity varies and is usually ... Read More »

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Is mild pain on the right side of belly button and slight pain in the breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It could be. I didn't have the belly button pain in early pregnancy, but I had the breast pain. The only way to know is to test if you miss your period. Good luck =)

Slight heart pain the day after working out?

sigh......'chest pain' can be anything. Acid reflux, asthma, anxiety, muscle strain. Your pain means nothing and you're wasting the doctors time.My 67 year old dad went to the ER with 'chest pain'... Read More »

Felt a slight feeling of pain on my right chest?

And you would get air pockets into your body how? Sorry, that doesn't make sense at all. Something you did caused your back muscles to tighten up and when they are tight they can press into the n... Read More »

Slight pain in my rotator cuff from softball...?

I have this same issue right now! I went to a sports doctor and they said my tendons are weak and worn out (tendonitis)