My anus has suddenly become external, should I shove it back in or go to hospital?

Answer No you don't need to go to the hospital. Just grab the mass with a clean tissue and reinsert into rectum. Further instructions and treatment here:…

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Extreme Knee Pain Should I go back to the hospital?

Yes i think it wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor first, then depending on his results , goto the hospital.

What should I cook for my girlfriend after she's just gotten back from the Hospital?

You can always make a vegetable soup for her with vegetable stock. Or make a pureed soup with lots of veggies.Mashed potatoes might also be good.I'm thinking soft, bland foods will be good because... Read More »

Should i bring an external hard drive back to the shop because the capacity is smaller than its ment to be?

this is a discrepancy based on computation. a hard drive manufacturer would compute 1 gigabyte as equivalent to 1000 mb. while your computer would compute it as equivalent to 1024 megabytes. so you... Read More »

If you are in labor and live 45 minutes away from the hospital when should you leave to go to the hospital?

Answer You should go to the doctor in compliance with the order of your Obstetrician. Usually, women go to the Doctor when their contractions are regular and predictable. You also have to factor... Read More »