My antivirus says i have an unknown virus that it cant get rid of?

Answer If you are given the option to quarantine the virus, that would be the best thing to do. That will prevent it from doing any damage to your computer and prevent you from spreading it to others via... Read More »

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If you have firewall and antivirus are you safe from virus if not how can you do virus check ?

I have that and also Mozilla. It seems to weed out a lot of questionable stuff.

Unknown virus that cause Skype/AVG and others to stop working (Windows 7)?

actually that virus may be programmed to terminate given processes. the coder may had not mentioned the avast antivirus and thats why it is running and can detect the problems. you can update the a... Read More »

Is Antivirus 360 a virus?

Antivirus 360 is definitely a virus. It loads itself into your computer's registry and displays fake alerts indicating that your system is infected with numerous malware and spyware. It further pro... Read More »

Is Antivirus System Pro a virus?

Antivirus System Pro is not a virus, but a rogue anti-spyware program with fake scanning, virus results and security alerts. Antivirus System Pro will attempt to make you purchase a fake subscripti... Read More »