My ankle/wrist joints hurt like they're aching and cold, what is this?

Answer Your pains can be due to tight tendons in those areas. You can free them up to get rid of the pains and here's how to free up your wrist tendons:Wrist:With hand resting in front of you with the pa... Read More »

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I currently have a cold. Sore throat blocked nose aching limbs. What is the best way to get rid of it?

1. Take antioxidant vitamins and/or foods BEFORE you get sick, to be strong at not going down.2. "Starve a cold, feed a fever". However, water and fluids are mandatory. Drink plenty of water. Mom's... Read More »

What do you like to do to keep you warm in this cold weather?

Log Fire, Soft MusicSomething / somebody HotSnow outside.............

I like to watch the sun as it moves across the sky but now my eyes hurt, why is this?

Stop doing that. You're burning your retinas and causing irreparable damage to your eyes. If you *must* witness this, take wide angel video of it using tripod and don't directly look at the sun wit... Read More »

Why do my joints hurt?

Take a help of joint pain specialist i hope it would help you better . . .