My ankle still hurts after two days of R.I.C.E and i been walking on it what shold i do?

Answer You've just said for yourself R stands for Rest... Walking isn't resting! If it isn't better then get yourself to the doctors to get it checked out. Yes it's probably still just a bit swollen and t... Read More »

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Popped my ankle 3 days ago and still hurts is it sprained or no?

What's better for my ankle a walking boot or an ankle brace?

My ankle hurts. I have already put ice on it and i can walk on it but it still hurts. what should i do.?

Stay off it! Keep ice on it for a few minutes at a time. And maybe keep it elevated.

My Jaw Hurts So bad Because When i Was walking in the Hallway Some Student Just Cam And Hit Mii?

You need to be seen by a dentist. your jaw is out of alignment. its known as T.M.J. the dentist will get it working for you.