My ankle is twisted and my game is on thursday?

Answer Try to keep it elevated above your heart (like lying in a recliner chair). Keep some ice on it to reduce the swelling. Use an ace bandage when you have to walk on it, but not too tight as that ca... Read More »

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How do I tell the difference between a sprained ankle and a twisted ankle?

A sprain and a twist are pretty much the same thing. The biggest question is whether any of the tiny bones in the ankle or foot could be fractured (broken). Either broken or just sprained, you may ... Read More »

I just twisted my ankle.. ?

First, do R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. If you have crutches go on them for a few days. If it is still swollen and bruised in a few days, go to the doctor because you may have broken it.

How do you heal a twisted ankle quickly?

Put an ice bag on it until the swelling starts to go down. Take ibuprofen ..elevate it and try to relax. The good news is it will get better...the bad news, it takes a few days. Good luck...don'... Read More »

How do you get a twisted ankle to stop hurting?

Keep weight off it, apply ice, and elevate above the level of the heart.