My adult tooth is wobbly after premolars tooth extraction More details.?

Answer im in dental school to start off, this sounds pretty simple, when he pulled your premolars or bicuspids a space is left for teeth to move, they therefore become wobbly as they shift into place and ... Read More »

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Is it normal after a tooth extraction to have the tooth beside the extracted one become sore?

Answer It is very common, so don't worry the whole area is just sore , if it persists after the extraction site has healed see your dentist. good luck Answer It is very common, so don't worry the... Read More »

What do you do in the case of an adult tooth growing in behind the baby tooth before it has fallen out?

Answer Most of the time the baby tooth will fall out eventually. If it doesn't seem to be getting loose, it should be removed by a dentist so it doesn't cause adult teeth to be crowded or crooked.

I got two premolars and one baby tooth removed why are my gums itching?

Itching of gums generally means two things:1) local itching - itching of your extraction sites usually means HEALING. That is good and nothing to worry about.2) global itching or misplaced itching ... Read More »

Really really wobbly wisdom tooth?

You shouldn't pull a wisdom tooth out yourself becasue you might get a lot of bleeding.