My a/c was replaced in 2007 should it be replaced again?

Answer If a unit is installed properly they should last 20 to 25 years. $600 for freon is a little steep I sell it for $24 a pound. Did they repair the leak or just add freon? It sounds like you need to f... Read More »

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I had my laptops fan replaced.Now the new fan is making noises.Is there a way to know if the fan was replaced?

Hi Khizar,If you could determine that the sound is coming from the fan and the hardware part is already replaced, I would suggest you to update the BIOS from the manufacturer’s website.Note: Plug... Read More »

Am i going to have my lg tv replaced or what?

They will do nothing when they see it was cracked. Warranties cover manufacturer defects not user abuse.

How often should a PC be replaced?

I don't think we have a choice. The way the industry works is that by the time you get used to a system/program, an updated version is on the market. I got XP just last year. According to the p... Read More »

When should car injectors be replaced?

Modern cars don't have a carburetor responsible for delivering gas to the engine. Instead, they have electronically controlled fuel injectors, which deposit a metered amount of fuel to each cylinde... Read More »