My XBOX360 DVD Drive is dead! Can I put one from another XBOX360 into mine?

Answer I don;t see why it would'nt work. Too bad you voided your warranty or you could probably shipped it off and had it fixed for free.

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How to Transfer Data From One Xbox360 to a New Xbox360?

The Xbox 360 launched with a 20GB hard drive, but since its initial release, Microsoft has offered video download services, movie rentals, downloadable content and the ability the ability to instal... Read More »

Can i use a usb flash drive in my xbox360?

All you need to do to use a USB flash drive in your Xbox 360 is insert the drive into the console's USB port. The media player on the Xbox will then access your files.Source:Xbox Support: Working W... Read More »

How do I "reverse" my flash drive if I used it for Xbox360?

How do I play& download games to an Xbox360 hard drive without a disc?

Sign in to XBox LiveSign in to your personal Xbox Live account. Legitimate downloading of disc-free games will require you to sign in. If you do not have an Xbox Live account, sign up for one.Visit... Read More »