My Wrist Feels Weird?

Answer If you had it on for a while then your wrist probably just got used to it being there and when you took it off, your wrist must have felt it was missing something. As far as I'm aware, it is a comm... Read More »

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My jaw feels weird Help me please?

the muscles in the back of your jaw are getting tight and need to be released. Here is how to do that:Put your fingers on your head so your thumbs are behind your ears. Place your thumbs next to ... Read More »

My wrist feels like it keeps getting sprained but I never do anything to it..?

How much typing do you do? You sound young, so at your age I would say that you most likely have a repetitive motion injury or carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. You can prevent this to some ext... Read More »

I inserted a tampon and it kinda feels weird?

your body might just not be used to the feeling of the tampon in there yet. I bet within the next few days with one you won't feel it. :) happy girlhood:)

Had unprotected sex your tummy feels weird?

I get that feeling a lot.Then I usually go eat something and it goes away. If that doesn't work I usually have sex again with my girlfriend.