My Word Document Changes Caps to Lower Case?

Answer Microsoft Word possesses a number of features which can automatically change the whether text appears in capital letters or lowercase. While these features can be useful, they are quite frustrating... Read More »

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MS WORD - Change from all caps to lower case and vice versa?

Simply highlight the text you would like to change. Then press the Shift + F3 shortcut key. It will change between sentence case, all caps, and all lowercase letters. Keep pressing the shortcut key... Read More »

How do I accept changes in a Word document?

Accept Selected ChangesHighlight the section of text where you want changes accepted, or highlight the entire document. Select the "Review" tab near the top of the screen. In the section marked "Ch... Read More »

How to Undo Tracking Changes in a Word Document?

Among the conveniences Microsoft's Word software affords it users is the Track Changes feature, which electronically notates any changes made to a document, with the option to show these changes vi... Read More »

Can you do a markup to a Word document that reflects changes?

Select "Toolbars." Next, select the "Show" button and click "Track Changes." Then select the "Revewing Pane" button, and you will now see the changes at the bottom of the document..References:Offic... Read More »