My Wall Sockets Are Overheating?

Answer Materials that conduct electricity also oppose its flow to some degree. This phenomenon is known as resistance, and every electrical conductor, no matter how efficient, displays it to some degree. ... Read More »

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How do I know what plug sockets to buy?

The standard 3 pin socket is good for 13 amps if good quality, cheapos will get a bit hot. Same for the plugs. I would really suggest you get a proper electrician in if you need to ask this.

Adaptor for UK sockets?

Go through this site.…i suggest to have a universal adapter...:)

Two dial up sockets , can i use both?

No. Telephone connections use two or four wires. Broadband use eight on the consumer side of the cable modem or ADSL modem.

How to Use Impact Sockets?

When working on a car, one of the most common tools to use is a ratchet and set of sockets. When you're trying to remove a wheel lug or a stubborn bolt, one option is to use an electric or pneumati... Read More »