My Volvo Windshield Wiper Won't Go Up?

Answer Loose connections or rust and debris are the most common culprits for windshield wipers failing to operate on a Volvo. This is especially the case if you live in a cold climate when the windshield ... Read More »

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How to Remove Windshield Wiper Marks From a Windshield?

Windshields take a lot of abuse. Dirt and grime accumulate from the road, and windshield wipers leave seemingly unmanageable streaks. Whether it's time to get new windshield wipers or clean the car... Read More »

What Removes Windshield Wiper Scratches From a Windshield?

Glass polishing kits remove minor scratches from your windshield. The kits reduce the appearance of deeper scratches that you can feel when you run your fingernail over them. Using a glass polishin... Read More »

How to Remove a Headlight Wiper Arm From a Volvo?

Volvos, like a number of other upmarket European cars, feature a wiper blade on the headlight. This keeps the headlight's light quality high at night while it is raining or snowing. While the mec... Read More »

How to Fix Volvo Windshield Wipers?

Fixing your Volvo windshield wipers might be necessary if you've owned your Volvo for a number of years. Over time, the wipers can become damaged and begin to deteriorate. You should check your wip... Read More »