My Video Ram Is 512Mb But It Says 2.2Gb?

Answer There is more than one type of ram in a computer.RAM normally means the amount of temporary memory your system has to work with while VIDEO RAM means the amount of ram your Graphics Card has that i... Read More »

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Will 1gb+512mb ram make a noticable change on speed compared to 256mb+512mb ram?

You should see a considerable difference in performance.

Every single video on YouTube says 'adding comments has been disabled for this video'?

youtube is currently performing maintinence which is disabling comment, ratings, and other things.

It says my YouTube video is a duplicate of another video?

It probably happens now more often due to the way they quickly check content against millions of other videos (hashing I guess) Just add an intro or something, that should fix the error you are rec... Read More »

Will the HIS H435F512HA Radeon HD 4350 512MB 64-bit DDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card work with this motherboard?

the old 3.3 is keyed differently to a 1.5 slotplus your suggested card is 4x 8x which means its agp 3.0(1.5v)so it should be ok