My Verizon Voyager Won't Turn On?

Answer Our cell phones go everywhere with us and keep us connected to our friends and family, becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. So when a Verizon Voyager LG VX10000 won't come on, it can ... Read More »

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My insignia camera wont turn back on i just got it and bought a duracell battery now it wont turn back on?

Most cameras require a lithium battery. They will turn on with a regular battery for a moment, and then turn right back off.

Should i get a nintendo wii or a verizon lg voyager for christmas?

get the voyager, it will actually help a lil more than the wii >.>it kind of depends, would u rather play a game or keep contact with your friends better on a phone that can play music and movies, ... Read More »

Can you zoom on the camera on the Verizon Voyager phone?

Yes, it is possible to zoom the camera on Verizon's Voyager phone. The zoom buttons, designated as "+" and "-" symbols, are on the left side of the phone. These buttons also control other Voyager f... Read More »

How to Turn off an LG Voyager?

This isn't just any old way of turning off your cell phone! This is a new and improved way of restarting/turning off your cell! Grab your LG Voyager and let's get to it!