My Vagina is sooooo itchy!!!!! plz help!!!!?

Answer always use lotion after shaving. use a razor with moisturizing strip. use a mild soap like dove

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Itchy vagina help plzzz?

My vagina is very itchy and i asking if any one knows how to help or stop the itch?

They told you to eat yogurt b/c they think you have a yeast infection. If I were you I'd see another doctor. 3 years is waaaay too long to have a yeast infection. They usually cure themselves after... Read More »

My vagina is itchy inside .?

try monostat 7 for a yeast infection do not use monostat 1 it is too strong

What do you suggest for an Itchy Vagina?

Tell her to wash that puppy!Dirty hoo-hahs itch.