My USB is empty but my computer says it's not?

Answer reformat your flash drive

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How to Empty the Cache on My Computer?

When you surf the Internet, your browser saves copies of the pages visited into your cache folder. While the process makes browsing the Internet quicker by downloading images from your cache folder... Read More »

My computer says my SD card is empty but its not?

Your computer actually says, "your card is empty"?My guess is that you did not look beyond the first and second file folder. The second file folder is where your images reside.Try again.It is clea... Read More »

How to Remove Empty Computer Drivers?

Computer drivers serve valuable functions in standard computer operation. An empty driver, however, does little more than take up space and slow down your machine. You should promptly remove unused... Read More »

What happens to the data you empty from your recycling bin on your computer?

well they are sent to you harddrive and overwritten, there are programs that retrive these, depending on your opperating system, there are different programs for it. For mac it's "time machine", m... Read More »