My Tundra's Turn Signals Won't Blink?

Answer Turn signals are fairly universal. Charge from the battery routes through the ignition switch to the turn signal relays. The relays interrupt the signal in a pattern allowing the lights to blink on... Read More »

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How to Fix a Fast Blink in LED Turn Signals?

Normally when you flip your turn signal switch, the light blinks at a set, slow pace. However, if you have modified your lights to use LEDs, you'll notice that the turn signals now blink very quick... Read More »

How to Make Turn Signals Blink Faster?

Turn signals operate by the opening and closing of a switch, or relay, which interrupts the electrical signal to the light. The switch operates in cadence based upon the electrical signal entering ... Read More »

Turn signals wont flash?

If it stays on it is the turn signal relay. It should be round and on the fuse block

My insignia camera wont turn back on i just got it and bought a duracell battery now it wont turn back on?

Most cameras require a lithium battery. They will turn on with a regular battery for a moment, and then turn right back off.