My Town & Country Won't Start After I Replaced the Battery?

Answer A Town and Country vehicle may continue to have starting troubles after the battery is replaced. There is no quick answer as to why this happens as there may plenty of reasons why the Town and Coun... Read More »

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How Is the Washer Pump Replaced on a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan?

The 2002 Chrysler Town and Country minivan has two washer pumps: One for the front windshield and one for the rear window. Replacing either pump is easy. This information also applies to other mode... Read More »

I Replaced the Battery and My BMW X5 Won't Start?

The BMW X5 was first introduced in 1999 and was the company's first sports activity vehicle (SAV) and has all-wheel drive capability. If you replaced the battery, you expect your BMW X5 to start. I... Read More »

How to Change the Battery in a Town & Country?

The Chrysler Town & Country is equipped with a maintenance-free battery that does not need to be maintained or have water added to it. Over time, the battery will wear out and will need to be repla... Read More »

My car stalled and wont start no codes scanner check out replaced crank senser started 6 times then ran only?

Odd that you don't have any codes listed on the scanner. If it was a crank sensor there should be a code listed. A bad crank sensor would prevent the engine from having any spark as it needs to see... Read More »