My Tomato Plants Have Small White Specks on the Leaves?

Answer It is extremely disheartening to put a lot of time and effort into a garden, only to have the plants destroyed by pests or disease. You can control these blights to some extent by being diligent, b... Read More »

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White Specks on Shrub Leaves?

Shrubs are prone to a variety of diseases, and treating them can be a challenge because some diseases are secondary problems that develop when shrubs are stressed by environmental conditions. Shrub... Read More »

I have a leaf miner on my basil and tomato plants. Should I remove the affected leaves?

There is no dust or insecticide that can kill leaf miners..they don't actually kill the plant but can hinder it from growing as well..I pick mine off of my basil and put the leaves on something hot... Read More »

My tomato plants have red stems and some of the tips of the leaves are turning brown and curling up crispy?

The curled leaves are caused by lack of consistent watering.Tomatoes like temperatures from 75F to 80F- can go higher.They like heat, sun and air flow. A fan can give them air flow.When the temper... Read More »

Will excessive amount of water cause tomato plants to have wilted looking leaves?

Tomato plants produce wilted-looking leaves because of the lack of water, not an excess. When the soil dries out, the leaves begin to wilt. Watering the tomato plants should revive the leaves. Exce... Read More »