My Toe Is Bruised! Help Me!?

Answer Check up with the doctor about this situation.Good luck!

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Bruised tailbone Help please?

Yes, it could be bruised. Nonsurgical treatment for tailbone pain consists of medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen and other analgesics, reduced sitting... Read More »

Is my shoulder fractured, bruised or dislocated PLEASE HELP!!!?

You didn't mention your age, but from my own experience after a fall, I had considerable pain w/my shoulder, still had considerable ROM, but the Xray showed no fracture. My MD sent me to an orthop... Read More »

URGENT HELP ! My knee cap hurts could it be bruised?

Could be a tiny chip or hairline fracture by the sounds of it. Wait a day, have a sleep. If the pain is still there, and doesn't feel like its going down then reconsider.If you can move or bend you... Read More »

I've got a bruised nail, not sure what to do, can someone help?

2 yrs ago the same exact thing happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!! the door slammed on my finger and half my nail came off and my finger broke and i had to get stitches. i think u should leave the nail and ... Read More »