My Toe Fell Off. Help me fix it?

Answer Put gunpowder on the toe stub and light it with a match to stop the bleeding... give the severed toe to a homeless person.

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I fell in gym and bruised my knee real bad. It was healing until I fell again and now its purple and it hurts.?

It sounds like you just rebruised it. A bruise is just blood under the skin. It's like a scab under the skin when healing. If you rip off a scab, what happens? It bleeds. The same thing a bruise is... Read More »

I fell over missing the last step of a flight of stairs. I twisted round and fell awkwardly on the floor... ?

No, if you are crying in pain, then it is seriousIt's just "sore"

What do I do if my face fell off and it fell in the well!?

My eye fell out!!!!!!!?

This is what happens when you sneeze without closing your eyes first! Didn't your mother warn you this would happen?