My TV is taking longer and longer to come on, any idea what could be wrong?

Answer Probably a power supply problem. Many LCD tvs are having problems with bulging capacitors on the power boards. Some people can fix them themselves. Try a search for your exact model + capacitor ... Read More »

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If you get stabbed, do you live longer taking it out of leaving it in?

leaving it in because yuor blood won't flow out of you as fast.

If you purchase makeup on sale is it a good idea to put it in the fridge to last longer?

Hi mascara because it IS a liquid is troublesome. Usually it is 'as soon as you open it" up to 3 months or a cold/infection.BUt liquids in general including: cleansers, foundations, toners, makeup ... Read More »

Video taking way longer than it should to upload on youtube (Urgent)?

Sometimes YouTube has issues.Cancel the upload. Change the file name (so YouTube doesn't get confused), and start over.

When I Save Animations as GIFs, They No Longer Move- What Am I Doing Wrong?

If they were moving on the web page that you saved them from, then they will also move when you open them with your own browser from the FILE menu, pointing to the place on your disk where they wer... Read More »