My TV is making static noise?

Answer The part that processes sound is receiving interference - loose connection or touching wires.If under warranty, get serviced.

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My tv is making a static-like noise but no other sounds from the speaker?

Sounds like some wire came loose or bare wire is touching where its not suppose to...sometimes it might be a cable gone bad especially if you plug and unplug a lot....

Why isn't my iphone making any noises the only noise it makes is when my iPod songs are on but no noise when calls no noise when texts and no noise with games what do you think is wrong with it?

on the side of your iphone make sure that the slide button is not orange make sure it is either white or gray...if it is orange slide it the other way...when it is orange it is on viberate...also m... Read More »

What is that static noise in your headphones?

They were receiving instructions and timings. Also, because sound travels much slower than light, each performer would have had the music directly in their earphones to ensure they all stayed in time.

My Macbook Pro made a loud static noise!?

MaybeCooling Fan orHDD problem----------check youtube - clicking of death.if it sounds like that it's HDD failure