My TI-84 Silver Edition graphing calculator isn't connecting to my computer?

Answer are u from qasmt by ny chance?

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How can I obtain and download of Super Mario Land on my TI 84 Silver addition graphing calculator?

The easiest way to do this is to download a GUI as opposed to a slightly harder to use word based kernal shell. Almost all good games for the Z80 chipset are written for some kind of kernal shell ... Read More »

How do I get games (such as Tetris) on my TI-84 Plus silver edition Calculator?

u need to download mirage os onto ur calc. its kinda like a folder for all ur games so you get that then go APPS, Mirage OS, then press enter where it says MAIN, all ur games should be there

My wifi network isnt connecting&isnt showing up?

Question one IS your wifi button the one with the ( ( i ) ) symbol on or off? if OFF turn it ON. it should be lit and glowing brightly. This IS the Normal “state” of all laptops. {{ that is if... Read More »

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition or Silver Edition?

Hello!Hero 3 Black Edition has the most options and WiFi built-in if you want to use the remote that is included in it. For budget then the Silver Edition.