My Steam Account was hacked and I already sent 2 Tickets...?

Answer just relax. there are alot of other people tht use steam and have the same issue as you. steam only has so many people that work on hacking cases and they can sometimes be hard to fix if the hacker... Read More »

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My steam was hacked, how to recover?

Contact Steam Support immedeatly. Once they verify your identify then can give you your account back. Dominic

My psn account was hacked.... help?

Call up sony and ask them what was the last ip that logged into you account they might give you the ip then you can ask the police to track it down and charge him for hacking and threatening you.

Hotmail account hacked?

1. Make sure that you have turned on Windows Update. Doing this will ensure that you receive all available security patches and upgrades.2. Download an anti-virus program that includes automatic u... Read More »

How can you know if your FACEBOOK account was hacked?

i would suggest changing your password. but in the event of someone attempting to hack your facebook account, facebook is likely to notify you that your facebook has been accessed from an unfamilia... Read More »