My Sony Bravia doesn't support HDMI signal from my Mac?

Answer you need to log back on to your Fiso account via the internet and reconfigure the network setting for your entire house. then you need to reconnect the phone line to the cable line.

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HDMI video card doesnt output HDMI signal to monitor?

I've seen this before on several systems that I've built. It is usually the resolution or refresh rate set too high for the TV to handle. Remember, that TV is not a computer monitor. Computer monit... Read More »

I cant get my sony bravia 32 to sync with my sony hdmi dvd?

If both are HDMI they have to handshake the term used for synching or signal setting. Look up your devices on sony support or google it as with info provided it should if both have HDMI & cable i... Read More »

Is the Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR Compatible With HDMI 1.3?

None of the Sony 32XBR sets made before 2010 are compatible with HDMI 1.3. This includes the KDL-32XBR4, KDL-32XBR6 and the KDL-32XBR9. The KDL32-XBR950 has no HDMI at all. Those that do have HDMI... Read More »

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