My Shogun 2 Total war forces my computer to restart at the Logo screen, help?

Answer You can try to just update your BIOS and see if you can play.

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When i start my computer then blue screen appears and my computer goes to restart Wat's the problem?

Check the writer isn't set as a slave or do you already have a CDROM sitting there as a master, two masters will conflict and cause what you say is happening. Or also if the jack cable is in backwa... Read More »

I get a blue screen saying BOGUS_DRIVER and then my computer tries to restart?

This is how I got rid of Antivirus XP 2008. It is different than the XP Antivirus 2008 most sites refer to.First you need to stop the program from loading on startup. This is what you do to stop it... Read More »

Why does my screen resolution keep resetting when I restart my computer using LINUX Ubuntu?

Try these instructions.If these do not work I would suggest that you either search the ubunutu users list or subscribe and post a message. I have found them to be very helpful.Good luck

I jailbroke my iPhone then restored it, but now it won't restart... and the pineapple logo just appears.?

your iphone still frozen that is why your computer doesnt recognize it.your mistake is WHY would you think going to settings - general and restore your iphone will remove your cydia??? It will only... Read More »