My Sharp LC-19SB15U has sound but no picture.Can I reset my set?

Answer Chances are that the inverter went out.The inverter is part of the power supply that powers the back lights of a LCD TV. When they fail, you get sound but no picture!Here's a nice DIY site that may... Read More »

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How to Hook Up a Sharp TV to Surround Sound?

Sharp television sets are equipped with different connection jacks for hooking up audio and video components, such as a surround sound system. Surround sound consists of an AV receiver that serves ... Read More »

How can i connect my lg surround sound to my sharp tv?

Kind of hard when we don't know the model #'s. Without them we don't know what inputs & outputs you have on both. The easiest way (depending if you have the ports) is to connect the TV to the LG wi... Read More »

How to connect surround sound to sharp tv?

One way is connecting an optical cable from the tv and connect the other end to the rca optical input in the back. Second is connecting an optical cable from the cable box or disc network and to yo... Read More »

How to Reset a Sharp LCD TV for a Home or Store Setting?

Sharp LCD TVs have a separate store setting that shows off the TV's abilities and features. You can switch to home or store mode using the TV's "EZ Setup" menu. The TV automatically launches "EZ Se... Read More »