My Scanner Does'nt Work Help<<<<<<?

Answer go to dell and see if there are downloads available for your scanner.…… Read More »

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Why doesnt my scanner work?

You did not mention your laptop make and model or your Operating System (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox,etc) So I'll offer you this much ; Click on Start > Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras . Make... Read More »

Acan Barcode Scanner.. doesnt work?

I have a PS/2 barcode scanner from another company. I also use USB keyboard.I had to connect a (broken in my case) PS/2 keyboard to the other end of the barcode's "keyboard wedge" cable because it ... Read More »

My i phone doesnt work help?

Help, proactive doesnt work?

Are you male or female? I had bad acne when I hit puberty and I got on birth control. It helped significantly, though I still have breakouts. I also tried Proactiv and was not happy with the result... Read More »