My Samsung galaxy s wont let me download apps?

Answer Take it to the place you bought it, and let one of the sales people help you. If they want your return business they should be able to fix it, or tell you whats wrong.

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What apps should I get for my Samsung Galaxy S2?

good and free android apps, also dont get task killer- on the new android phones they end up killing the battery.“double twist” sync your itunes songs to your android“Drop box”- move files ... Read More »

Why wont my samsung galaxy S III charge?

I would purchase a new battery and a samsung charger. Something isn't right.

Why wont my samsung galaxy 2 tab turn on?

When it runs out of battery, it can take some time to get enough battery power to turn it on again. Be patient to the charging process. Wait for few hours and you should be able to turn on the device.

How do i hide or delete default apps on a samsung galaxy s 2?

It is not possible without rooting.Once rooted you can use an app like Titanium Backup to delete apps.