My Samsung Fridge Is Not Defrosting?

Answer Samsung refrigerators often have freezer sections designed to keep foods at temperatures below freezing. Freezer sections in most refrigerators, including those made by Samsung, have defrost cycles... Read More »

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Is it safe to cook salmon which has been in the fridge for defrosting for over 48 hours?

Raw meats do not last long in the refrigerator. Meats that are not going to be eaten in a few days should be frozen and not stored in the refrigerator.Place raw meats in freezer bags or paper or an... Read More »

My samsung American fridge freezer beeping, not giving me water and freezer temp going up?

Hi, if I were you I would just get rid of that freezer and replace it with another one, since your husband seems unable to fix it. This is because your food in the freezer should not be repeatedly ... Read More »

What is defrosting?

Allowing frozen food to thaw either by leaving out in room temperature or in a microwave defrost cycle. Or when a refrigerator temporarily warms up to melt away frost in the freezer compartment.

A Defrosting Guide for Cooked Beef?

When defrosting cooked beef, follow the same guidelines that apply to defrosting uncooked beef. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends three methods for defrosting beef: a cold-water method,... Read More »