My Roses Have Yellow Leaves & Black Spots?

Answer Having a specific symptom on your rose bush can quickly help to diagnose a problem. Spotting the signs early can usually save the plant. A spray or dust can help combat pests and disease, but it's ... Read More »

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Yellow Leaves & Brown Spots on Roses?

Yellow leaves and brown spots on roses may be caused by pests, nutrient deficiency, environmental factors and diseases. Yellowing leaves may also be caused by excess water. Brown and black spots ma... Read More »

My Loropetalum Has Yellow Leaves With Black Spots?

Loropetalums, also known as Chinese fringe flowers, are medium to large shrubs that sport purple foliage and white or bright pink fringy blooms. They grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones 7 throu... Read More »

What Can Cause My Squash Leaves to Yellow or Have White Raised Spots on Their Stems?

Summer and winter squash plants share much in the way of growing conditions, care and diseases. Yellow leaves or leaf stems afflicted with bumpy white spots indicate something is wrong with your pl... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Yellow Leaves on Knockout Roses?

Knockout roses were bred to resist disease and insects, but unfortunately they are not immune to issues. Inspect your knockout roses regularly to catch problems as early as possible. The various pr... Read More »