My Right shoulder Aches and feels weaker then normal i have never disloacted it ?

Answer Then, you should consider getting Aleve...Good luck!

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Left side of my heart is weaker then the right(20 years old)?

Your is a very rare case, ( left arm discoloration ), you better avoid extreme cold weather for time being until the age of 22 years, things might change.The doctors will be silent as they are adop... Read More »

New pain feels like tip of a knife poking into shoulder. Is this my frozen shoulder or something else?

You are sleeping on this:…Stupid L1 non-linking!

I have never had a let down with breast milk is this normal and my baby is 3 and a half weeks old and i never leak.?

Answer Its normal......this mainly depends on the amount of milk your baby drinks. At what intervals do you feed your baby?

My friends emachine is not working quite right. It's normal when you boot it up, but then the screen go dark.?

Hello, You could try shutting it down and when you start it up press F8 repeatedly until you get a screen with the option to boot to the Last Known Good Configuration. Try this first and see if it ... Read More »