My Refrigerator Makes Creaking Noises?

Answer Refrigerators, while often regarded as silent appliances, can seem noisy if you sit and listen to them throughout the course of the day. With all of its hidden moving parts, the refrigerator makes ... Read More »

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My tv makes noises like creaking noises all night?

How do you repair a furnace duct that makes creaking noises when warm air flows through it?

Answer that noise is a lose damper that is on the collar that conects that duct to the plenum. that duct goes into a big box. right before it goes in there is a collar. it may be taped up so feel f... Read More »

Can't stop cracking neck Hearing creaking noises?

It will not "cause arthritis" - that's a urban myth and proven wrong by a major study in Sweden.But it does mean you have chronic tension, which must be correctly treated.The best way is to get a s... Read More »

Why is the Refrigerator Making a Continuous Creaking Noise?

Refrigerators are available in side by side models, top freezer models and bottom freezer models. Regardless of which model you have in your home, you can experience noises coming from the refriger... Read More »