My Red Oak Is Not Developing Acorns?

Answer Red oaks (Quercus rubra) are an attractive landscape tree and a valuable woodland resource for its lumber used in fine woodworking. Acorn production is sometimes considered an economic benefit, alt... Read More »

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How to Dry Acorns?

As the weather starts to cool in the fall, acorns fall from the trees, blanketing yards across the country. Many people see acorns as a nuisance at best and a hazard to lawn mowers at worst, but ac... Read More »

How to Shell Acorns?

Acorn flour is a historical staple in many Native American diets, and is still used by people to day to make a variety of breads and other baked goods. All Oak trees produce edible acorns. Before y... Read More »

How to Store Acorns to Eat?

Storing acorns to eat requires that they first be properly prepared so they do not rot. Preparing acorns is done by roasting them in an oven. This removes all moisture from the acorns and preserves... Read More »

Oak Trees & Acorns?

Oak trees are known for their sturdy timber. In the fall, the deciduous trees prepare for colder weather by shedding leaves that have turned bright red. Oaks can take up to 100 years to reach matur... Read More »