My Quavas taste are tasting weird?

Answer If your sisters say the "Guavas" taste fine, then it is probably just your taste buds or you are remembering a much sweeter taste from time past. We often remember things tasting different than th... Read More »

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Weird tasting miyok in korean seaweed soup WHY!!?

could be your seaweed had expired and the oil on the seaweed had become stale and bad oil taste

Is it normal to have an altered sense of taste while pregnant i don't mean cravings, just foods tasting off?

oh yeah...meat was, my life's blood was FOUL...and lord help me if I drank orange juice, it tasted sour like rotten sour every time i drank it.....but thankfully it doesn't last aft... Read More »

How to Have Weird (but Acceptable) Taste in Music?

If you have stuff on your mp3 player that other people don't have (and they want to listen to), it could attract potential friends.

Is this weird Eye drops leave a funny taste in my mouth!?

YES it is absolutelly normal. Here's why...Normally, tears are produced at all times by the eye to keep the surface moist (if it went dry, well, the eye would dry and it'd no longer be transparent,... Read More »