My Puppy Won't Go Outside But Goes in the Crate?

Answer Crate training is not suitable for all dogs. If successful, it will allow you to safely leave a dog alone for a few hours at a time. It can also be useful for housebreaking puppies. There are alter... Read More »

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How to Buy a Puppy Crate?

The first thing owners should purchase when getting a new puppy is a dog crate. Crates facilitate potty training, keep your home and puppy safe, and provide a place for your puppy to feel safe and ... Read More »

How to Get a Puppy to Stop Whining in a Crate?

Few things are more annoying --- or heartbreaking --- than listening to a puppy's constant whining. Loneliness, fear, hunger, thirst and an urgency or need to eliminate can cause a puppy to whine w... Read More »

Puppy Crate Training Secrets?

Introducing a new puppy into your life can be surprisingly challenging. Crate training is a popular way to housebreak your puppy and teach him the rules of the house. Consider trying a few of these... Read More »

Crate Training Schedule for a Puppy?

Not all dogs can be left alone in a house. Thankfully, one of the purposes of crate training is to limit your dog's access to your belongings if he can't be trusted not to shred, rip or chew. The m... Read More »