My Printer Does Not Work No Idea Why?

Answer The paper sensor in the printer is faulty or there is a shred of paper inside. If you have checked all the covers, you will need to get it servicedHTHDavid

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Do you have any creative idea to re-use a broken printer?

Take it to any Best Buy location and they will recycle it.

Rather then buy new ink cartriges for your printer it a good idea to just get them refilled instead?

Yes If you know how to do it properly It Can Save you big Bucks $$ But I would recommend getting a laserjet printer if you have the money because it is only about $0.03 for a laser printed page ver... Read More »

Is refilling your printer cartridge a good idea or not?

This is only good for one time per cartridge because the old one will dry out fast. I don't find it to be a good alternative though. I just get mine form either , or http... Read More »

My printer needs all ink colours to work. i have black full and to trick the printer i want to fill the ink..?

Do NOT do this. You can easily completely ruin your printer.