My PowerPoint doesn't play on full screen, what should I do?

Answer pressing F5 itself plays ur slide show in full screen if it doesn't help press F11 or F12...

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Can Powerpoint 2002 run a full screen video?

The version of Microsoft Powerpoint that came with the Microsoft Office Suite 2002 does not include support for full screen video. Support for full screen video wasn't allowed in Microsoft Office u... Read More »

How to Incorporate Full Screen Flash With PowerPoint Slides?

MS PowerPoint is powerful enough to let you embed Flash file in the slides using an ActiveX control, and set it to be played in full screen,however, whenever the full-screen flash triggered, you co... Read More »

How to play videos in full screen?

install vlc media playeropen the video with it press C two times

I have a laptop with blu-ray drive and 1080 full HD screen does that mean can i only play Blu-ray but not HD?

no they are way different, HD dvd's still use the red laser to read disc where blu-ray uses a blue laser, either way they were right if you have a blu-ray player you will only be able to play blu-... Read More »