My Power Window Is Stuck Down & Won't Come Back Up?

Answer If your car has power windows, you may be aware that when you lower them, sometimes they don't come back up immediately. No one wants to end up with a perpetually open car window, especially during... Read More »

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The back of my Monroe piercing is stuck in my gum and the ball is out of it but the back won't come off.?

Report this to the skin doctor...Good luck!

How to Fix a Stuck Power Window Circuit Breaker?

Power windows on a car or truck are a good feature to have. They are considerably safer than the older hand-crank window controls that would distract the driver's attention. However --- because po... Read More »

How to Manually Roll Up a Window That Is Stuck Down on a BMW E34?

Power windows have become nearly standard on cars of different types all around the world, but they do tend to get stuck or break in certain situations. In your BMW E34, if your window gets stuck, ... Read More »

I have a ring stuck on my finger and it wont come off PLEASE HELP! im in pain!?

A soak in cooking oil and trying to 'screw' it off - A chill in ice water until your hand is numb and then dry it before repeating step one -A trip to the ER to use their 'ring splitter' a small wh... Read More »