My Power Steering Makes a Creaky Sound When I'm Making a Turn?

Answer Power steering systems usually emit a light hissing sound when turning the wheel. But louder noises, such as creaking or squealing sounds, signal a warning that the power steering system needs atte... Read More »

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What Causes Losing Power Steering When Making a Turn?

The automotive power steering system functions as a steering assist that lessens the amount of pressure applied to the steering wheel to turn and maneuver a vehicle. Hydraulic versions comprise the... Read More »

What Are the Causes of a Steering Wheel Making a Grinding Sound?

A vehicle’s steering wheel rides on a bearing ring, which allows it to turn independently of the steering column. Inside the steering wheel and column assembly is a clock spring. The clock spring... Read More »

What Would Cause a Whining Sound From the Power Steering Unit When Turning?

Most drivers are familiar with power steering whine, but few know exactly what causes it. Steering whine is often an indicator of low fluid levels, but may also indicate a malfunctioning bypass val... Read More »

What Makes Power Steering Pumps Leak Out of the Reservoir?

The power steering system on your vehicle is made up of three main components: the power steering pump, pump reservoir and steering rack. On occasion, the power steering pump reservoir can leak, po... Read More »