My Pink Flamingo Lily Leaves Are Turning Brown?

Answer Pink flamingo lilies are bright pink lilies that grow in tropical environments. The leaves of the anthurium, as flamingo lilies are also known, are dark green and heart-shaped; if the leaves of the... Read More »

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All my leaves are drying up and falling of the new leaves are turning brown under neath the leaf why?

Answersounds like too much water to me. could be too little water or too much sun as well could be a disease ftyujkilop[][pouyfrdsadfyui0op-iuyresedfhop[poiuy

My Raspberries' Leaves Are Turning Brown & Drying?

Growing raspberry bushes in your backyard allows you to harvest fresh fruit you can eat raw or add to elegant desserts. If the leaves of your plants appear to be browning and drying, take action im... Read More »

Oak Tree Leaves Turning Yellow With Brown Spots?

Oaks are large shade trees that can reach heights of 50 to 70 feet. Oaks are susceptible to bacterial and fungal diseases, as well as nutrient deficiencies that cause brown spots and yellowing of f... Read More »

The tips of the leaves of my deiffenbachia are turning brown Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

It might need to be watered more, but you can also trim the brown off to make them look better. Shape into a point to make them look more natural.