My Pc Monitor changes colour.The current colour is like orange or reddish.It's not comfortable.How do i ?

Answer There could be a problem with the video cable leading from the PC to the projector, so try a different one if you have one. Also, try plugging the PC into a different monitor to see if the same pro... Read More »

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The colour on my computer monitor has changed, how do i get it back to the original colour?

In the monitor menu, each colour should be set to 100.If you have lost one colour, and everything has gone, for example, very cyan or magenta all of a sudden, then you should try unplugging your mo... Read More »

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The fruit came first and gave its name to the colour. English is unusual in linguistics in that it has so many colour names which do not have other meanings, White, black, red, green, blue, yellow,... Read More »

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Why has my computer monitor gone a weird green colour?

That normally means that the monitor, which normally receives three signals (a red, a blue, and a green) is not getting one of the signal. So the colors are displayed without one of the color, maki... Read More »