My Patio Heater Won't Stay Lit?

Answer A patio heater can keep you warm and toasty when you want to sit outside in chilly weather, but it is worthless if it won't stay lit. Many factors, such as a downpour, blizzards and blustery weathe... Read More »

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What made the lock red picture stay on my front load ge dryer stay on the dryer wont work?

That mean there is a problem with the drier need a service man to look at the drier........

How much BTU/hr space heater will I need to heat patio?

I'd rent, or borrow a construction type propane heater, it's always best to experiment before you buy. I'd keep the glass door shut since this is only going to create a draft. Make wood frames to h... Read More »

How much does adding a pool with a spa and a heater in a screen in patio and to the value of a house?

That depends on where you are and the quality and extent of the work.

Gas oven wont stay heated?

If you're smelling gas then it's not safe to use. Stop now. Call the landlord and have them get a professional in to fix it. Or have the landlord replace it. There's a problem and it's not wort... Read More »