My Parents won't let me get a Myspace or Facebook...HELP!?

Answer just do it seceretly....shhhh

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Should I delete my facebookhelp!!!?

Honestly yes you should, I deactivated mine two months ago. Facebook has complety destroyed communication, people have become to reliant on facebook for communication. You will become more sociable... Read More »

My parents wont let me get a webcam. . .?

You're only 13. A webcam is not appropriate for you. Your parents are in charge. Please respect their wishes.

Do parents overreact to myspace?

If parents allow their kids on-line unsupervised, they have no room to complain about my-space. The entire net can be a dangerous place and many kids don't realize just how dangerous it can be. My-... Read More »

Why are parents so paranoyed about myspace?

Because your parents don't want a pedophile coming over. Myspace is a place for friends, but there are just as many sickos out there. I have a myspace, but i am of very legal age....and i don't ... Read More »