My Parents Have an Annuity in My Name?

Answer An annuity is an insurance policy designed to work like a private pension plan. When you buy an annuity, you are given several different payout options. You can choose to have the insurance company... Read More »

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As an annuity holder with aig I have recently asked for a portion of my annuity and am wondering when i may receive it in the mail?

My wife receives a monthly annuity from AIG and usually gets it on the same calendar day every month.

Can a 14 year old buy a car and have it titled in her name and let her parents drive it?

Is it possible to have your parents deemed unfit parents and get yourself emancipated and be adopted by someone else's parents in Alabama?

Answer It's usually around 5 that you stop your child from sleeping with you (or at least training them not too.) There are really no laws preventing this, but it's a bad habit to get into and not ... Read More »

Is it possible to have your name on your parents insurance policy if the car loan and the registration are in your name?

Answer This is not a good idea. You need your own insurance policy. There are coverages you do not have by being on your parents policy. You want to be a "named insured". This means that you contro... Read More »